torsdag den 9. august 2012

Back to the shop for mounting

First sunlight on the firewall. Cool color :)

New sideway brakepedal , shopbuilt .


Powdercoat chassiparts.

Matching doormat for the shop.

TSS calipre

Shopbuilt stainless oil pan .



SFI app flexplate from Moparperformance

The first couple of intakes from Chrysler was in plast .

Engine mountbrackets from TTI

All bolts are polish stainless.

New centercaps for the wheels.

The intercooler for the blower.

Pro Charger

Some fine adjustment of the back seat for large wheeltubs .

Finally arrived the right intake,
SRT 8 ...
7 months it took to deliver,
thanks for the help to our fiend John Ulsted

The hart of the engine ,
all made by our good friend Flemming Fartstrup ,
same box he has mountet in the Zenvo ST1
And some of the best on the market right now ..

First time on the floor with the air ride ..

Wheels are from Dækimporten
8x18 and 10x20 revolution thrust
Bullit prof ? allso from Dækimporten

New foam for the seats.

A new set of tinted glass has arrived .

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