søndag den 17. juli 2011

The Hemi

We start with a standart truck Hemi
With only 20k km on it

We bought a Revolverkit from Marsh.
But allready the first day there was problems.
We didnt know there was diferent timing chain covers.
And a lot of other problems , no help from marsh at all ,
but for 4k $ you cant expect anything.

Grinding and grinding :(


Thin layer of filler to close the last small holes in the metal

The new camcover

Oilfilter relocation , to clear the frontmember
Under you can see the new oilpump

The march shit kit in place
We will never use that again

The org intake :(

Paint on the block

New waterpump

Filter relocation block

Walvecover polish

Engine coming together again

We did rebuild the 727 at the same time.
Shift improverkit installet

These parts are replaced with the best carbon parts made

Same paint on the transmission